Test Lab...

A weakness in your packaging can be costly. Under-packaging can jeopardize product integrity. Over-packaging can cut into profitability. Mid-Atlantic Packaging, Inc. offers comprehensive package testing that enables us to design endurance in. This way, your product always arrives at its destination ready to sell to its best advantage.

MAP’s independent ISTA Certified testing lab is fully equipped with a precision drop tester, a slide impact tester, vertical vibration table and 15,000-lb compression machine. The lab gives MAP complete control, ensuring the highest quality, beginning with the board coming off the corrugator, to the final package.

At the packaging test lab, we test package performance against real world challenges for a multitude of shipping scenarios. All testing follows highly recognized standardized procedures established by ASTM, ISTA, UNDOT and TAPPI.

VIBRATION, Truck, Rail, Air

  • Vertical Vibration Table


  • Precision Drop Tester
  • Side Impact Tester


  • 15,000lb Compression Machine