Retail Ready...

There is no question that Retail Ready Packaging (RRP) presents the next generation of merchandising. The European market has been utilizing RRP for the past 5 years – leaving the US to catch up. Mid-Atlantic Packaging realizes the challenges in both manufacturing, execution, and distribution variables that will need to be learned and addressed to successfully transition into effective RRP merchandising.

Several of current Shelf Ready Packaging design styles have been used in North America and Europe for years. Our vision for RRP opportunities drove our decision to purchase several capital investments over the past 4 years.

We vigorously identify high performance liners and specify liner/medium combinations that provide the highest performance at lowest fiber weight and cost. We were among the first and only select few companies in North America who are implementing several different combinations of medium and liners to achieve the lightest weight linerboard we possibly can.

We also understand the Graphic implications in a RRP program such as:

  • Make the product the champion.
  • Color coding of the hood for better brand ID at distribution and retail.
  • Eliminate the cramped “cave” look of the shelf.

We are in full support and believe in the potential of RRP and are fully prepared to help your product make the transition.

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