Value-Added Services...

As a provider of customized corrugated packaging solutions and marketing solutions, MAP is able to extend additional value-added services with single source convenience. Relying on a single source limits the amount of time spent coordinating resources and the opportunity for mistakes. We are fully capable of servicing your needs from supply chain management to fulfillment.


MAP has the expertise to effectively integrate itself into customer production schedules. We offer centralized coordination and control over procurement from end to end of the supply chain, all allowing the customer to dedicate its personnel towards other efforts.


Do you need Club Store Packaging?  We understand and have access to all of the Club and Big Box Store requirements and standards dictated. As a result we are able to create a package for our customers that meets these standards without them needing to worry.

We have a lot of experience re-working and repairing existing customer items when a club store is unhappy with the existing designs. Several case studies (Ore Ida) point to the reconfiguration of an existing club store case created by another supplier that was not meeting the aesthetic and/or structural standards demanded by a club. We work to create a structure that will adhere to all of these standards and help our customers maintain their selling relationships with the Club stores like Costco, Sam’s Club, BJ’s Wholesale Club, Walmart, etc.


Our “Just-In-Time” delivery programs lower inventory ratios and offer a quick turn around while eliminating inventory management problems and additional warehouse expenses.


MAP is available to solve case erector problems. With ongoing exposure to the wide variety of case erecting equipment, we understand case erecting as good as, if not better than, our customers.


Through detailed analyses of existing logistics, MAP formulates ways for customers to better production, packaging lines, and fiber utilization. Seminars are also offered to develop an awareness and understanding of MAP processes.


The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standards represent the data format used by the vast majority of electronic commerce transactions today. Customers are able to place orders directly into MAP’s back end computer systems. Upon job completion, MAP has the ability to deliver its invoices directly to the customer’s computerized back end systems.


MAP pieces everything together with partnerships spread out from coast to coast so we can guarantee your project is taken care of all the way through fulfillment.