Structural Engineering...

MAP holds 28 patented corrugated box designs. That is 17 U.S. and 11 International patents to date. Our patents are geared towards automation and ease of assembly. With a collection of industry awards, our Structural Design team is innovative in its approach to solving your corrugated needs. Our team has been awarded POPAI Indians for 2 consecutive years for their creative designing capabilities.

Our team, with its 30 collective years of industry specific experience, will customize our cardboard box designs to fit and display your product for maximum visibility, durability and convenience. We eliminate any design questions with the ability to provide a sample in hand, not just a drawing, so you can be sure that our box meets all of your requirements.

Design structure is not our sole consideration. We also take into account composite structure – the weight of the linerboard and corrugated medium, the size of the flutes. These decisions, which are qualified by the preliminary testing of our test lab, result in stronger designs that use adequate, not excessive, materials which ensure customers do not buy one pound of fiber they do not need.


MAP’s smart designs, right-size packages and optimized materials utilize less fiber, reduce labor, and maximize pallet capacity with stronger cases while reducing cost and increasing revenue. The source reduction in MAP designs also promotes sustainability with initiatives that began over a decade ago. Since then, MAP has taken thousands of tons of raw stock out of its conversion process while returning hundreds of thousands of dollars back to customers.