About Us...

Mid-Atlantic Packaging Inc. was established in 1961 as a privately held and veteran owned company. Since its inception, MAP has been a leader amongst corrugated box manufacturers, and our mission has been to deliver corrugated packaging products and services to our customers that meet and/or exceed their expectations.

Who we are and What we do: 

We understand that the packaging problems customers face can damage retailer relationships, delay innovation and disrupt sales. MAP thrives on fixing those problems. We’ve built our business around it: people, patents and processes across various Consumer Packaged Goods categories and channels. We are nimble. We have dedicated customer teams that focus on your business, analyzing the entire process. We have numerous patents to help drive out cost, labor, and bring production back in-house.

How are we different? We understand the Big Picture.

  • Extensive capabilities, patents and experience across retailers, innovation and cost management.
  • A cross-functional team of experts focused on your business, armed with experience and patents to help you reduce TOTAL costs, sell new and existing products at retail.
  • Education: We bring you market insights from our experience across CPG, as well as relevant case studies from our long history of problem solving.
  • Expertise across the entire path to purchase from product and packaging innovation, to manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and finally to the retailer and to shelf.
  • In-sourcing – bringing production back in house where possible to drive profitability, maintain quality, and to protect your competitive advantage
  • Supply Chain Solutions – Solutions that work across multiple classes of trade, as well as modularity that allows for flexibility in-store and throughout the entire supply chain.
  • Differentiation – In order to stand out in store and on shelf, CPG Manufacturers are seeking ownable ways of differentiating their brand, their packaging and their displays based on proprietary processes and technologies.